Getting Started

With a variety of professional development options, and school, group, and individual consultation and coaching, we can help you meet your goals. Customized plans for service, schedule, and pricing are designed to guide you with the strategies and approach from planning to completion to accomplish your objectives.

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Professional Development

Courses, workshops, and presentations for educators and schools.

Current Courses

Other courses in the line up- coming soon, or available as a custom course

Current Workshops

Other workshops in the line up- coming soon, or available as a custom workshop

Presentations, workshops, and courses can be customized for Montessori teacher education programs, schools and districts, and state and national Montessori organizations on a variety of topics. In addition to those listed above, courses previously taught include Montessori philosophy, child development, special education overview, early childhood curricula, art, parenting, remote instruction, and more.


A collaborative, systems approach to consultation starts with identifying your mission and goals to develop and guide a plan of action to reach your desired outcomes. Supporting you, your school or your family with assessment, evaluation, and design becomes a learning and growing experience for everyone.

  • Guiding the process to becoming an inclusive classroom, or a school-wide inclusive program, from start to implementation with the Montessori-based Multi-tiered System of Support.
  • Individualized consultation for classroom educators, or level teams, to develop and implement positive behavior and learning support plans for their classrooms and individual students.
  • Partnering with families to find solutions for behavior needs in the home and make best educational choices for their child.

Every need is different, and plans and pricing are responsive to each unique situation.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a relationship-based support to guide your instruction and system practices. Together we explore your values, beliefs, and vision to guide you on a path to finding answers and solutions to your questions and goals. Coaching can be individualized, designed for small groups, or for systems within schools, a whole school, or school districts. Educators, school leaders and district administrators have found this to be a valuable approach leading to growth for individuals and systems actively participating to reach their objectives.