Montessori Inclusion for Today's Children

Honoring the wish of every child to belong with respect and acceptance

At Montessori Inclusion for Today’s Children, we believe in supporting every child’s unique learning and behavior by providing their educators with tools to best serve each student. That’s why we are committed to offering teachers and schools innovative knowledge, strategies,  practices and systems of support for inclusive classrooms rooted in the Montessori philosophy.

Professional Development Courses

Aggressive Behaviors:

Managing to Minimizing

Steps to Calm and Practical Strategies to Minimize in 2 self-paced modules.

A Montessori Multi-tiered System of Support:
Successful Inclusion for All Learners


Learn about the inclusive education framework Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) and how to implement it within a Montessori environment. This course is eligible for 25 hours of professional development credits.

Featured Blog

So, What is Special Education?

Special education is inclusive education. It is education that says all children should have full access to the classroom, all children should be able to fully participate in all activities, and all children should receive the support they need to feel successful and thrive. Special inclusive education accepts, respects, and honors each child’s unique gifts,…

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