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About Montessori-Now

Montessori-Now brings together two passions as I continue striving to serve and support the Montessori community. It is with gratitude that I share these areas of expertise with educators, classrooms, schools, and state Montessori organizations.

Montessori-in-Action is an expansion of Montessori-Now, which originated with my work on the AMS Public Policy Committee. Over the past few years, the need for advocacy support at the state level, in support of the work of the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI) at the national level, has become apparent.

Montessori and Special Needs was created in response to the ever increasing population of students with diverse special needs.  Whether their obstacles comes from behavioral and learning challenges, or environmental and situational difficulties, the need for information, training, and skills for supporting these students is of great concern for Montessori schools and educators.

Montessori-Now is one contribution to meeting both of these important needs as we continue to move Montessori forward in the greater community of education. We hope you will explore our site, find useful guidance and information for your work, and benefit from the consultations that we offer.