A Montessori-Based Multi-tiered System of Support for Inclusive Classrooms


Learn how to identify learning differences and plan research-based, effective teaching responses to them within the framework of the Montessori method.



This 5-session course is for Montessori educators at every level looking for a plan for teaching and guiding students with a variety of needs. The Montessori-Based System of Support is a framework with evidenced-based strategies and specific tools you can use to provide the continuum of support each student needs for success in learning, self-management, and positive relationships.

Modules include:

  • Today‚Äôs Children; A Classroom of Prevention vs. Reaction-environment & climate
  • A Classroom of Belonging- positive relationships and tools for guiding behavior
  • A Classroom of Learning- differentiated instruction
  • Targeted Instruction- accommodations, modifications, adaptations
  • Individualized Intervention- assessment and planning

Synchronous sessions will deepen learning with practical applications of the system in your classroom.