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What would Dr. Montessori say?

As we all know, Dr. Montessori devoted much of her adult life to the observation of children. She witnessed the Secret of Childhood which led to an understanding of the best supports for the child’s natural urge toward growth, development and independence.

With these discoveries, she realized that to aid the child in his task, “a new type of teacher is needed, a teacher who can help normality.” (The Child, Society and the World). Dr. Montessori would become the teacher of this new type of teacher. From 1910 on, she shared her knowledge and insight in a highly specialized teacher education so that others might learn to be “the guide” that children needed.

Today, in the US, only one state recognizes the Montessori credential (from a MACTE accredited program) for state licensure. Another 3 provide a state license with additional required course work in traditional education. This means that in Montessori public and charter schools, teachers must first hold a state license and then earn their Montessori credential. The result?- an alarming number of Montessori classrooms being led by non-Montessori educated teachers.

This can change. It is the most important issue for the Montessori community and several state Montessori groups have begun the grassroots effort to make that change in their state. (The process varies from state to state). Your support, and contribution of time is needed to make this happen. We all have a part.

Montessori-NOW supports the work being done. Read how you can help.
Where to Begin Advocating for Recognition

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