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Welcome to Montessori-Now

Montessori-Now.com has a new look!

Collectively, we are a community that shares a commitment to children and to this amazing “system of education,” as Dr. Montessori took to calling it.

Montessori-Now is about sharing our experiences as a Montessori educator, school leader, and an advocate in support of Montessori education with this dedicated community of teachers, parents, and school leaders.

We share with you our many years of experience working with students with learning differences and unique needs in the Montessori setting. As we grow inclusive classrooms, and school communities, we can learn from one another how best to serve all of our students and their families.

We share with you our years of experience advocating for that “system of education” with all its necessary components that make it so successful. We’ve learned the tools of organizing, setting goals, making action plans and how best to communicate what we do and its benefits to state agencies, State Boards of Education, and legislators.

We invite you explore our new site. Let’s share our experiences, our needs, our efforts and build an inclusive community in support of Montessori education.  Will you join us at Montessori-Now.com?




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