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The Heroes of Montessori

As another new school year begins~

  • To those of you to attend to any number of children at any age, all day, everyday and model peace, grace, courtesy and respect
  • To those of you who are always on the lookout for that blossoming of concentration, for the spark of interest, for that teachable moment- and who are ready with just the right lesson and just the right presentation
  • To those of who who likely get to school early many days to prepare a classroom environment that is beautiful, inviting, and provides “work” for each of your children
  • To those of you who are not only “self-reflective” in your teaching but whose curiosity and care makes you determined to reach that one special child
  • To those of you who share your time so graciously with parents so that they might better understand their child
  • To those of you who carry on to provide the best that Montessori education can offer your students even when policy implementation and misunderstanding creates obstacles (and those of you who try to do something about those obstacles in your “spare time”)
  • To those of you who push through the struggles, and the frustrations to give and give some more to the children you teach

You carry on the real legacy of Dr. Montessori everyday by observing, reflecting, preparing, and doing it all with grace and courtesy and respect. As many of you, on Labor Day in the US, spend time today in your classroom, or planning lessons, or reading one more article, take a moment to reflect on all that you do and give to the world.

To you Montessori teachers, who are truly the heroes of Montessori education, we thank you.

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