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Montessori, meet QRIS

Returning from our recent presentation at the national BUILD Initiative conference, there is one BIG TAKE AWAY. QRIS  wants to work with MONTESSORI.



We had state agency people asking, “How can we include Montessori teachers and schools in our service delivery?” “How can we make the ECERS (the Early Childhood Environmental Rating scales- used by most every state) more inclusive of high quality Montessori schools?” “How can we work together to provide high quality programs for more children?”

There are so many opportunities and benefits for us to reach out to QRIS in our states.  Most QRIS include licensing regulations, teacher education and experience, and program ratings to provide financial incentives and awards to schools and teachers. Rated programs are almost always eligible for tuition subsidies, set at market rate, which can be used to serve a more diverse population of children and families.

Many QRIS are in revision stages which makes this the perfect time for us to reach out. If you want to access the benefits of QRIS, connect with your state Montessori group, if there is one, and encourage taking this on as a project. Reach out to a national organization that you might be connected with. And you can reach out to Montessori-Now, offering grassroots, state specific, and practical advice.

The time is right. There is work to be done and we have an audience that wants to listen and work with us. Let’s not let these opportunities slip away.









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