How It Works

You understand the importance of a state organization and its work, but with directing a school or managing a classroom, how does it happen?

Montessori-Now can help!

  • Guiding the creation of a strong, well organized state group.
  • Strategic Planning for sustainability and advocacy action.
  • Providing the knowledge of your state’s policies, and collaboration with state agencies.
  • Designing and writing all needed communications and documentation.

To Begin-

My goal is that together we will successfully accomplish your goals. Each state is unique and each “plan” is carefully crafted to reflect your individual school or state organization.

  • Beginning with an initial conversation and consultation.
  • Leading to a proposal and schedule of work.
  • Creating a plan for our collaboration.

And all of it is doable, manageable, and successful for you and your organization!

Using video or phone conferences, we can meet on a schedule that works for you and your organization.

Are you ready to contribute to our national goal as we work together to bring change in your state?


State organizations have been delighted at how affordable and budget friendly our support can be. Each need and goal are different. Pricing, then, is individualized to best meet your needs. We’ll work together to make it work for you.

Are you ready to start the conversation? Let’s work together! Visit my Contact Us page and send me a message.