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“Excellent. Very informative. Motivates me to act.”

What People Are Saying

“Christine has provided the United Montessori Schools of Indiana not only a framework for bringing our vision of advocacy work in the state of Indiana to life, she has guided us through the entire process. We are seeing our hard work and goals come to fruition. The Board of Directors has said many times, we could not have completed this work without Christine’s passion, organization, and knowledge! She has been, and continues to be, a joy to work with.”
— Brenda Huth, UMSI Board Secretary

“Working with someone as experienced, patient, and knowledgeable as Christine has allowed our state organization to advocate for Montessori in a highly professional and efficient manner. She has guided us through the Validation Project with ease and enthusiasm. As a board member she brings thoughtful and thorough discourse to the group.”
— Jaime Yeager, Executive Director, Montessori Alliance of Tennessee

“Christine is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in advocacy for Montessori. The information presented is helpful as our district navigates launching and implementing Montessori in Detroit Public Schools Community District.
— Nicola Turner, Director of Montessori Programs DPSCD

My Action Story

It was the day before students would begin at our new school. The licensing specialist arrived for her walk- through a classroom set up in a typical first day Montessori way. Finished with her inspection, she explained that all glass, transfer medium, the smallest cylinders, the smallest cubes, all of “those gold beads,” and much more would have to be removed. Using my best grace and courtesy, I explained that this was an “authentic” Montessori classroom. “How might I appeal?” I asked. Her response? “You can appeal but you aren’t going to win!”

Having already founded my first school, serving as HOS supervising five classrooms and teaching in one of our primary classrooms for 25 years, I felt confident in knowing how to prepare a Montessori environment that would best meet the needs of my diverse learners of 2 ½ -6 years of age.

After submitting round one of the appeal application, I learned that four other schools in the area were being cited for these “breakables” and “choke hazard” rules. We began to work together and learned that even more Montessori schools were now being impacted. Months passed with no relief. But with multiple meetings with the state and with the community of schools and with much resolve and determination, we found a legislative sponsor for a bill to stream-line the waiver process. The bill passed with bipartisan support, the four schools all received waivers, and four of us had started the Colorado Montessori Association!

I realized the power of advocacy and the importance of collaboration! The next several years, I worked with the AMS Policy Committee and co-founded Montessori Forward. When AMS and AMI formed the Montessori Public Policy Initiative, I served as the MPPI coordinating-consultant and then worked with MACTE. Soon after, Montessori-Now was begun.

Since that time, I have worked with a number of state Montessori organizations to advocate for rules and regulations that are Montessori friendly, to gain recognition of the Montessori credential, and to guide the creation and implementation of state Validation Projects.

With this newly designed Montessori-Now, I offer you information of policy interest, resources to engage in your own state Montessori organization advocacy efforts, and consultation and guidance in your state work.