How It Works

Montessori and Special Needs can help.

  • Development of a system for special services at your school.
  • Development of intervention plans for individual students.
  • Professional development workshops, coaching, and mentoring for you and your staff.
  • Supporting your work with parents.

To begin-

  • A conversation of your concerns, your needs, and your goals.
  • Planning together on the best strategy or approach for getting you where you want to be.
  • Providing you and your staff, or organization, with the supports you need-
    • Workshops
    • In school consultations
    • Specific individualized intervention plans & monitoring
    • Ongoing coaching and mentoring

Working together, we will craft the best program, format, and schedule for you. By providing online video courses, consultations, and mentoring, we can provide the schedule that works best for you.


Schools and organizations have been delighted at how affordable and budget friendly our support can be. Each need and goal are different. Pricing, then, is individualized to best meet your needs. We’ll work together to make it work for you.

Are you ready to start the conversation? Let’s work together! Visit my Contact Us page and send me a message.