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“Wow, she gave a good picture and was reassuring. Lots of ideas to work with in school.”

Teacher Responses to Montessori-Now Workshops

“Had plenty of aha moments at this workshop.”

“This workshop was one of my favorites. Though I have taken workshops on special needs before, this one was most useful as Christine’s experience as a Montessori teacher helped clarify her approach.”

My Special Education Story

My first “real” job was at an urban school in the heart of the poorest area of my city. Our students were challenged in almost every way one might imagine. With an amazing principal, and a supportive board of education, our cohort of young, idealistic staff set about creating a community program to address all of the needs of our families and our kids. Though teaching was the last idea on my list, I was hooked! But it was clear that this was going to take more knowledge and skill than I had. Back to school for me!

Earning a M.Ed. in special education from UNC-CH led to opportunities working with children, pre-school through high school, in a variety of settings from psychiatric units, and day treatment programs to public school programs as an administrator and educator.

Discovering Montessori education was a revelation! I founded my first Montessori school with the commitment that serving very young children with diverse needs could make a crucial difference in their lives. For over 20 + years, I was HOS, and a lead primary teacher discovering, learning, and refining tools, techniques, and supports for students- toddlers through upper elementary- as our school grew. With a move to CO from NC, I founded a second school, at the request of parents, with the same mission of serving students with a variety of needs.

As my teachers and I began to observe children whose needs seemed different, children who were easily stressed by sensory inputs, who struggled to stay focused, or get along with others, wee researched and connected with community resources, and discovered the phenomena of Sensory Processing Disorder. We worked with a practice of occupational therapists and learned together best practices for our work in the clinic and the classroom.

Over the years, SPD has become one of my primary areas of expertise in the field of special education. Research is indicating that SPD may be an underlying cause, and contributor, to many other “labels” of special need. (ASD, ADHD, SLD (including reading disorders- “dyslexia,”) DD, S & L). Providing students with a variety of challenges in behavior and learning the supports they need in ways that are consistent with best Montessori practice has become the focus of much of my work.

Montessori-Now provides research, resource, and consultation to you as you work with the increasing numbers of students with a variety of challenges. Tools and techniques will offer you practical ideas and guidance to use in Montessori classrooms.

Our workshops, Montessori-Based special education courses, and consultations offer you the knowledge, the training, and the skills to serve all learners in a Montessori setting.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with your journey.