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Workshops and courses to enrich your community

Montessori State Organizations

Montessori for All Learners- A series of special education presentations for teachers and administrations
Organizing for Advocacy- Tools for getting started from goal setting to success
Making Montessori Meaningful- A State Validation Project
Curriculum/Specialty Workshops-

“Fantastic- speaker knew how to present, gave tons of tangibles, ideas, things to implement. Way too short!!!”

Montessori Schools

Montessori For All Learners- Designing practical plans your students with special needs
The Importance of the Three Cycle in Montessori Education- Offering a clear understanding for value and benefits of the three year cycle

“Wow, she gave a good picture and was reassuring. Lots of ideas to work with in school.”
— regarding Every Child is Special: Montessori for All Learners

Montessori Teacher Training Programs

Child Development- A course aligned with MACTE competencies exploring the theories of Dr. Montessori and others.
Observation- A course aligned with MACTE competencies giving adult learners the tools for dynamic teaching.
Classroom Leadership- A course giving teachers tools and techniques for a peaceful classroom. implementing tools
Special Education for the Montessori Teacher– A course providing knowledge, understanding, and practical methods.
Field Consultation for the Self-directed Intern

What people are saying…

“I liken my Early Childhood Montessori training with Christine Lowry to a metamorphic awakening. After my training, I feel it is important for me to present all lessons to students with the preciseness and beauty that Christine modeled for me. Christine’s impeccable and methodical presentations caused the material and concepts to come alive with great beauty. Thank you, Christine for your exemplary work.”
— Danielle Taylor, Detroit Public Schools Community District

“Working with Christine has been invaluable in helping me to observe and understand the wide range of behaviors I see in my students. I no longer look for what I used to think of as “normal” or “usual” behavior, but I now accept and try to accommodate the different personalities and developmental stages among my students. Her insight into sensory processing issues has provided me with a framework to understand why children do what they do.”
— regarding teacher training

“… [Christine’s] contributions to the training efforts of our district have been essential.”
— Nicola Turner, Director of Montessori Program Detroit Public Schools

What people are saying about “Every Child is Special: Montessori for All Learners”

“This workshop was one of my favorites. Though I have taken workshops on special needs before, this one was most useful as Christine’s experience as a Montessori teacher helped clarify her approach.”

“Had plenty of aha moments at this workshop.”

“Absolutely wonderful! Christine was thorough, organized and informative. The knowledge gained through this workshop will be most helpful in the classroom. I only wish we could have had more time with her.”

“I loved this class! So many useful strategies were given to us on children with a variety of disabilities. I especially liked that she started the class by asking us what we struggle with most. This made the class relevant to everyone.”

“Loved this day long workshop. I learned so much and have so many idea to try with students who have challenging behaviors.”
— Sarah, Nashville, TN