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Bringing a unique sensitivity to guiding the practical solutions you need.

Montessori State Organizations

State Validation Project- Creating and implementing this powerful tool
Starting a State Organization- The why, how, and what for success
Communication Planning- Reaching and engaging your community
Strategic Planning for Advocacy- From goal to action to solutions

Montessori Schools

Students with Special Needs- Developing plans of support that work
Creating an inclusive classroom environment
Renew, Refresh, Revise- Team building to strengthen your school
Solving your problems- With regulations

Montessori Teacher Training Programs

State Approval of your Program- Gaining recognition of the Montessori credential

What people are saying…

“Your work with our faculty was just what we needed to get a strong start to our new year. We, me and the teachers are continuing to observe, analyze and talk about our redirected paradigm. All of the faculty expressed great appreciation for the opportunity to work with you.”
— HOS The Children’s House of Nashville